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I have to admit… I am excited for what 2016 has in store for OpenMicDesigns. Not only have I been praying but I have been re-imagining what 2016 will look like. I have always been a Graphic Designer for hire, and though I am still doing that I am also expanding into a deep passion of mine. I love to dream and I really enjoy writing. So I am embarking on an Ideas Lab that is all about helping churches and businesses dream big as well. The majority of my posts will be Sermon Series concepts. I love writing Series – so why not create a Complete Series full of Individual Sermon concepts along with the graphics you may need. I want my business to be a resource for others. I don’t always have great ideas, but what I hope is that even some of my bad ideas will create AMAZING ideas within you.

I am opening an OpenMicDesigns Shop where my graphics will be able to be purchased. Maybe you are looking for Sermon Series ideas, and I hope I can spark some imagination in your head and your heart. No matter the size of your church you should be able to have some amazing graphics and marketing tools and I simply want to help. I want to make your dreams become a reality.

There is so much more stuff happening on the horizon of the future of this company. Some of it is still in the development stage and not ready to be shared about quite yet. So as I continue to dream, I am praying for you to never stop dreaming. Dream so big that you seriously get so animated and so exited that you are about to burst at the seems! I believe in you!

God Bless,

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