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The entire Bible starts with these words “In the beginning…”

Those three words are what breathed life into existence. It is from those three words that we were created from. We exist because God breathed life into us. Now the book of Genesis we see the creation story followed by the creation of man and then woman. Then we see the fall of humankind with sin. It continues with Adam and Eve’s children (Cain and Able) and from there the sin grows so large that we introduce Noah and the great flood. However, more sin continues to exist in the world. We then meet Abraham and then Sarah, and then Hagar and Ishmael, then Isaac. This is followed with Jacob and Esau and then Joseph and his brothers.

That is a completely short hand version of the Book of Genesis. When I read Genesis we see from the very moment that Adam and Eve sinned, it all went downhill from there. Cain murders his brother Abel (4:8-10). So much sin that a flood comes to wipe it out (Ch. 6). Abraham favors Isaac and Ishmael and Hagar are casted out (21:9-14). Isaac shows favoritism of Esau over Jacob. Jacob tricks his father into giving him the blessing over Esau (Ch. 27). Jacob then shows favoritism of his wife Rachel over his ‘other’ wife Leah. Then shows favoritism once again over his son Joseph (37:1-4). Joseph’s brothers plot to kill him (37:19-20). Joseph rises in authority and saves his family from the famine.

The Book of Genesis shows us how powerful God truly is. In the beginning God created the world and everything within it. However, the serpent caused Adam and Eve to sin. That one sin started a deadly cycle that caused more and more sin. A cycle that continues for pretty much the rest of the book of Genesis. However, Joseph breaks that cycle by forgiving his brothers who tried to kill him. It is because God had favor on him. Despite all the sin that was rampant, Joseph was able to rise above it and not sink to the level of sinner. That is because he chose to rely more on the God who creates than the serpent that destroys.

We all have the ability and choice each and every day to create or destroy. We can create dreams, futures, stories, but we can also destroy all of those too. What are you choosing on a daily basis? Hopefully you are choosing life. I would pray that we are all living in such a way that despite how much the world may be crushing us, no matter how close sin is nipping at our tails we have the strength of God… the God who creates to destroy the destroyer and create everlasting life. This week choose to create. Choose to live. Choose to go against the current and with the same authority of God the creator go and create.

The Book of Genesis is such a great book with such great stories of our ancestors. May we learn from them. May we grow from them.

I created this graphic as a means to portray the Book of Genesis and show the power of creation. So we have the heavens and the earth. Especially the creation story found in Genesis 1:9-10. It says “And God said, ‘Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.’ And it was so. God called the dry ground ‘land,’ and the gathered waters he called ‘seas.’ And God saw that it was good.” The graphic is the land and the sea. However, the imagery of the graphic is still one that is dark and gloomy. Then in contrast you have the word Genesis in a Sparkling Red color. Red for the color of an apple. For the color of blood in the sin of Cain and Abel. But most importantly is the sparkle. It creates a shine that represents the end of a cycle of darkness. No longer are we trapped by the cycle of sin, but that we may be like Joseph who keeps his head level, and patiently waits. Most importantly, never stops trusting in God – even when life pretty much sucked for him.

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Enjoy and God Bless,

Mic Mohler

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