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Diamond in the Rough Series Graphic


This can be used for a Sermon Series or a Bible Study. Diamond in the Rough can be used for a stand alone sermon or you could create it into a multiple part series/study. It’s great to market a series/study as well. You can place on your Bulletin/Handout Cover, website, Facebook, and so much more.

See Description below for ways to turn this into a series!


A sermon series graphic called “Diamond in the Rough.”

This could easily be made into a 5 Week Sermon Series.

As Christians, we are often not perfected. Though we are striving daily to be the best Christ follower we can be. We may be a diamond in the rough, but with the right lifestyle changes we can be someone who is tough and that shines bright…like a diamond.

Week 1: Carat
Week 2: Colour
Week 3: Clarity
Week 4: Cut
Week 5: Confidence


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