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Videos are such a great resource to spread a message or gain people’s attention. Many people are visual learners and videos can be key for trainings, websites, ministry events, and much more. We focus primarily on videos that are for church events and worship. On-Location videos can be difficult because I am located in Ohio, but when it comes to creating videos I can still help in a lot of ways. What if you were to add a transitional video (bumper video) before your sermon during worship? We can create a bumper video that is about your current sermon series that ties it all together and it captivates their attention and prepares them for worship.

We create:

  • Bumper Videos
  • Ministry Videos
  • Highlight/Event Videos
  • Text Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Campaign Videos

Below you will find a few of the videos I have made for clients or for personal use as well. A great example of a Bumper Video is the Heroes Unmasked and Summer Blockbuster Videos below. Operation Easter Egg Drop was a highlight video created show the whole church the success of the Community Easter Event. The Love Initiative was a DNA shift that a church was adopting and the video was created to enhance the adoption of the cause and create excitement around it.

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